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The Center of Excellence operates on a 12-week long season, with one spring season (February – May), and one fall season (August – November). Players will train between 2-3 times per week.

We believe this is the appropriate age and developmental stage to introduce players to "outside" competition. As a result, we form teams and play against other clubs in "friendlies," tournaments, and leagues.

It is the current plan for CSC to only ever produce one boys' team and one girls' team per graduation year. (We have no interest in being the biggest - only the best!)
As there can and will be movement of players between "age groups," the proposed design of the Center of Excellence is as follows:

Boys U9 - U10 pool: 24 players max. (Three "teams" of 8 players each, playing 7v7 games.)
Girls U9 - U10 pool: 24 players max. (Three "teams" of 8 players each, playing 7v7 games.) 
Boys U11 - U12 pool: 24 players max. (Two "teams" of 12 players each, playing 9v9 games.)
Girls U11 - U12 pool: 24 players max. (Two "teams" of 12 players each, playing 9v9 games.)

The Center of Excellence training will continue along the lines of CSC Soccer School: by endorsing the best practices of youth soccer training, incorporating all the following session designs:

This is when either:
A. Each coach works on the same subject (e.g. passing and receiving,) but each does a different exercise. Or;
B. Each coach works on a different subject. 
Either way, players are put into groups and rotate around each station. Stations provide for players to receive different information from different voices and styles.

Random Groups
At some point every player will no longer play with any of their current team-mates. This goes for any player, on any team, in any country. Random groups help players become non-team dependent. It is vital that players develop individually, outside of the “team,” so no matter who they play with they know how to function as a player – not just part of a specific unit. Long-term, being exposed to random groupings will help players feel comfortable in otherwise non-comfortable situations.

Training Groups
Ability-grouping players in training groups helps achieve the best success-to-challenge ratio possible. Players, no matter what level, should be practicing and playing against players of roughly the same ability. This guarantees that they will have achievable success and the appropriate level of challenge. Age of the players is irrelevant and not taken into consideration in training groups.

Team Training
In the case that teams need to practice as a unit before, for example before a tournament, groups will most likely practice tas teams during the week.

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