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Winter Futsal

CSC has been running indoor winter soccer camps since 2015. The only year we have missed is this one - 2020 - due to the
coronavirus outbreak. We are planning to again run an indoor winter camp in 2021, when hopefully the world is a little safer
for all of us.

Winter soccer is open for 9-16 year olds from any and all clubs or other backgrounds.

Due to the success of the 2019 winter program, CSC will be running all future winter camps in a futsal, Dutch Cup format.

Futsal is played on a hard court with a smaller, heavier ball than in soccer. The weight of the ball and the small size of the field
couple to encourage everything in futsal to be both short and quick, for example passes, take-ones, movement, and decision

Dutch Cup is a type of “street soccer,” whereby players switch teams every game, and points are awarded to each individual every game, based on their team’s performance. Players report their scores to the coach after every game and the coach keeps track of all the scores. At the end of the session points are tallied and the winning player is the one with the most points. Games are usually played in a 3v3 or 4v4 format without goalkeepers, but can and have played 5v5 and 6v6 with goalkeepers. This is an adaptable program.

There are many advantages to playing Dutch Cup:

There is a huge element of competition, however, this is balanced with the high likelihood that every player will receive at least some points due to the mixing of teams. Stronger players typically come out on top; however, weaker players also have some success. 
A stable but fluid/random environment gives players comfort and uneasiness.
Small-sided play means lots of individual time on the ball / time-on-task.
Short games, lasting around 5 minutes each, keeps the session moving at a fast pace.
Although individual performance is rewarded at the end, during the process of play it is the performance of the team that is most important. (Players cannot get points if their team does not get points!)

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