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As a club we want parents to be directly involved with their child’s soccer development.

It does not matter if you have no soccer experience. If you want or need to help, a lesson plan is always provided and a coaching director is always present. We want to take all possible pressure off parents who are kind and generous enough to volunteer their time and effort. 

All coaches must pass a background check, and we heavily encourage all coaches to complete the Youth I, Youth II, or E License. (You can get your F License online in just a few hours.)



1.       Arrive on time, (that means early,) dress appropriately, (CSC uniform,) wear a watch, (cell phones are considered extremely unprofessional for coaches,) be prepared, and do not eat or drink anything as you enter the field.

2.       Give clear demonstrations and instructions.

3.       The coaching points should be interjected in the session at the right times (Frequently, but not so much it disrupts the session).

4.       The coaching points should be interjected correctly (Fast and clear).

5.       If the session is stopped, it should be restarted in sensible and logical way

6.       The interaction with the players should be appropriate (Friendly, but not their friend; correct language for age group; disciplined, but not harsh).

7.       The coach’s positioning relative to the players should be correct (Correct eye level, sunglasses and/or hat off if addressing an individual; players facing away from sun and/or distractions).

8.       Know all the player’s names

9.       Be confident

10.    Be happy, enthusiastic, positive, and encouraging


*  The Golden Rule: If worse comes to worst – LET THEM PLAY! Set up a scrimmage and leave them alone. Letting the game be the teacher is a positive. *

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