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Respect for Player Development & Respect for Parent Investment

Respect for Player Development

·      Creating an environment where working hard and improving is what is enjoyable

·      Professionally structured programs

·      Quality instruction from qualified coaches

·      Coaches that are demanding, honest, and caring

·      Promoting player values of selflessness, hard work, and intelligent decision making


Respect for Parent Investment

·      Acknowledgement that parents are customers who have paid for a product, and therefore have a right to be respected

·      A willingness to listen when there is a question or concern

·      Honest, thorough, and timely communication

·      Education on what we are doing and why we are doing it

·      Setting clear boundaries and expectations




A club run by the community, for the community and fully engaged in the community

·      Creating a pleasant, welcoming and enjoyable family environment

·      Participation in community events, such as Independence Day parades

·      Hosting free clinics for after school programs and special needs children

·      Support for charities and participation in their events, such as Autism Speaks walks

·      Fostering relationships with local college soccer programs




We use the following priorities, in order, in making our decisions:

·      Conscience – what is best for the player.

·      Customers – what is best / what is owed to you, the parents, who have paid for a service.

·      Club – what we need to do as a business to survive, strengthen and grow.



It is essential to clearly communicate our expectations so all parties know where we stand from the beginning of our relationship.

What you Should Expect from the Club

·      An enjoyable environment for your child

·      Honesty & transparency

·      Polite & timely communication

·      An open & accepting attitude towards feedback you provide

·      Genuine care towards you, your child, and the community

What you Should Not Expect from the Club

·      Wins – they are a bonus

·      Trophies – they are a bonus

·      Your child playing with their “bestie” – this is a bonus

·      Your child playing on the team you think he or she should play on – this is a bonus

·      Immediate developmental results: results take time

What the Club Expects from Players & Parents

·      Effort

·      A willingness to listen and learn

·      Commitment to the team, the club and the process

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