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Fundamentally, soccer became the world’s most popular sport for two reasons: people want to play it because it is enjoyable to play, and people want to watch it because it is enjoyable to watch. The game should be enjoyable to play, and it should be enjoyable to watch. If the game fails either one of these benchmarks, then there is a problem. If it fails at both then it is not true soccer.
The game should be honored in the way it is played. Our way of honoring the game is for our teams to play an attractive, aggressive, and adaptable brand of soccer:

·      Attractive in possession

·      Aggressive in transition

·      Adaptable in defense

In terms of games: coaches like winning, parents like winning and players like winning. There is nothing wrong with a competitive desire to win, and it should be encouraged. One should try to win every game one plays, but we try to do so while not forgetting our principals.
Success, while a lot of fun and not-to-be discourage, is short term. Excellence, however, is long-term, and if forced to choose between the two, we choose excellence.

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